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Chinese Lawyer Gao Zhisheng Still Not Free:
Probation Period Over

By Jessie Chen, David Lee


1. probation: n. [proˋbeʃən]缓刑
2. self-taught: adj. [ˋsɛlf tɔt]自修的
3. take on: ph. [ˋtek ɑn]承担
4. pro bono: ph. 为慈善机构和穷人提供的免费专业服务
5. defend: v. [dɪˋfɛnd] 为…辩护
6. eviction: n. [ɪˋvɪkʃən]逐出
7. lead to: ph. [lid] [tu]导致
8. clampdown: n. [ˋklæmp͵daʊn]取缔
9. take one’s toll: ph.付出代价
10. arouse: v. [əˋraʊz]唤起
11. petition: n. [pəˋtɪʃən]请愿书
12. call for: ph. [kɔl] [fɔr]要求、需要

[Gao Zhiyi, Gao Zhisheng’s Brother]:
“I think of him at night and I can’t sleep, how can I not think of him. I know his situation is not too good, there is no trace of him, one would surely think of him, I think of him a lot.”

There is still no trace of Chinese rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng. On August 14th, 2006 Gao was sentenced to three years in prison and five years probation. Now five years are up and Gao should be free.

Gao Zhisheng is a self-taught Christian lawyer. He was once considered one of the top ten lawyers in China. He took on some of the most sensitive cases in the country, often on a pro bono basis, winning rare victories against authorities.

[Mark Shan, China Aid Spokesperson]:
“He was not only trying to defend religious freedom for those in the Christian house church movement, for those victims of land eviction, he also defended those Falun Gong practitioners.”
对华援助协会发言人Mark Shan说:

Falun Gong is a spiritual group banned by the Chinese regime in 1999, it remains one of the most persecuted groups in China. More than 3,400 deaths due to persecution and over 63 thousand cases of torture have been documented so far.
法轮功是一个精神修炼群体,于1999年被中国政权禁止。现仍是受迫害最深的群体。至今,超过 3,400人死于迫害,酷刑报告超过63,000件。

It was Gao’s defense of Falun Gong that led to a clampdown by authorities. In 2005 the Chinese regime shut down Gao’s law firm in Beijing. Since 2006 Gao was in and out of custody suffering from torture himself. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Mark Shan of China Aid, a U.S.-based Chinese Christian organization, says it’s no surprise Gao hasn’t been released.
对华援助是以美国为基地的中国基督教组织。其发言人Mark Shan说,高律师未被释放并不讶异。

[Mark Shan, China Aid Spokesperson]:
“We know how the Chinese government has treated Gao Zhisheng, as almost like the number one or number two enemy of the nation. So we don’t think they can let him go so easily. So it’s not a surprise at all.”
对华援助协会发言人Mark Shan说:

Gao’s detention has taken its toll on his family. Gao’s wife, son and daughter managed to escape China in 2009 and now live in the United States. Gao’s daughter has been hit especially hard by his absence.

[Geng He, Gao Zhisheng’s Wife]:
“When we go to the home of friends from church, and my daughter sees a father with his daughter, carrying a musical instrument and the mother is also present, she can’t take it. She stands up and wants to walk out… So I know that when my daughter sees that warm, caring image of a whole family, it arouses deep feelings of past memories.”

Vice president of the European Parliament, Edward McMillan-Scott, wrote a letter to Gao’s wife on August 12th where he expressed admiration for Gao Zhisheng. He wrote Gao “will one day be part of China’s future.”
欧洲议会副主席Edward McMillan-Scott,在8月12日,写了一封信给高律师的妻子,表示对高律师的钦佩之意。他写道,“有一天高律师会成为中国未来的一部分。”

China Aid hopes the U.S. vice president can also play a role in securing Gao’s freedom.

[Mark Shan, China Aid Spokesperson]:
“We hope the vice president of America, Biden, he is visiting China this week, so we hope he can raise this issue as one important thing.”
对华援助协会发言人Mark Shan说:

Gao has now been missing for 923 days. Almost 150 thousand people have signed a petition calling for his release.

Ben Hedges, NTD News.
新唐人新闻Ben Hedges报导


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