8月6号,美国《彭博社》援引一名中共官员的话披露,出于讯息安全考虑,在今年7月中共国家发改委和财政部联合下发的采购清单中,包括iPad、iPad Min等10款“苹果公司”产品被剔除出去,而未来全中国各政府机关,将全面禁止以公款购买相关产品。

报导说,斯诺登(Edward Snowden)泄密事件以来,中、美两国在网络间谍活动方面相互指责。今年5月19号,美国司法部起诉5名中共军队黑客,使得中、美谍战升到新高度,“苹果”成为中共当局禁止采购的又一家美国高科技公司。




7月,《央视》又在节目中宣称,“苹果”iPhone手机定位服务,可能威胁国家安全。7月底,中共国家工商总局突击“微软中国”4个办公室,8月4号,工商总局宣称,已对“微软”全球副总裁斯纳普(Mary Snapp)等人进行了反垄断调查询问。







采访/陈汉 编辑/陈洁 后制/李勇

The Chinese Communist Party Punish Apple Again

Recently, some foreign media reported, that the
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) excluded 10 products from the
U.S. computer technology company Apple from
the government procurement list.
The reasons given were on the grounds of
“safety, worthy of consideration".
What is the reason for the Chinese Government
to frequently deny the high-tech American companies?
Let’s take a look at the NTD report.

On August 6, the US-based Bloomberg News quoted a CCP official
that for the sake of security, the National Development and
Reform Committee and the National Financial Ministry jointly
published a government procurement list.
Amongst which 10 Apple products including iPad, iPad Min
etc. had been excluded.
Furthermore, in the future, government agencies throughout
China in regards to the relevant products will be completely
banned from purchasing by public funds.

The report says that since the incident of leaking by
Edward Snowden the United States and China recriminated each
other in cyber espionage activities.

On the 19th May, the US Justice Department indicted five
Chinese military hackers, which upgraded the two parties’ spy
battle up to a new level.
Consequently, Apple has become another banned high-tech
US company by the Communist authorities.

On the 3rd August, according to mainland media reports, the
CCP Authorities have asked all governmental agencies to stop
buying two anti-virus software products including
American Symantec and Russian Kaspersky.
“People’s Daily" said on the social networking site Twitter
that the authorities invariably purchase
Chinese-made anti-virus software packages.

American Chinese magazine China Affairs’ Chief-Editor
Mr Wu Fan: After all, the USA indicted five officers
of the CCPs Peoples Liberation Army.

China said that the US is a Chinese intellectual property
theft and launched the network attacks.
So the prior network warfare from last year to now has led
to this result: I do not purchase your hardware and software.
The security is only a pretext for the expansion
of cyber warfare.
But you have to consider another point of view, from an
economic point of view the CCP also want to develop IE or IP,
and their own products.

In May of this year, the Chinese Authorities ordered the
government agencies not to buy the
Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.

The CCP media “CCTV" program also questioned the security
problems in the system, and by quoting the views of experts,
criticized the cooperation of Microsoft with
the American intelligence agency.
The CCTV program called for a boycott on U.S. high-tech
companies, Google, Yahoo, Cisco, IBM, Apple etc.

In July CCTV has declared in its program that the location-
based services provided by Apple iPhone
could threaten national security.

By the end of July, the CCP’s State Administration for
Industry and Commerce (SAIC) suddenly searched
four offices of Microsoft China.

On August 4, SAIC claimed that they had carried out anti-
monopoly investigations and inquires on Vice Global President
of Microsoft Mary Snapp and others.

US-based China’s social problems researcher Zhang Jian:
For Apple and Microsoft, such a reprisal highlights that the
CCP not only hold a very serious hostility towards
the world’s democratic countries.
In fact, the so-called so many years’ opening and reform
policy, utilizing foreign funds and introducing high
technology to revitalize China’s own enterprises
are also just empty talk.
The CCP are hostile and display hatred towards
all foreign companies.
Once there is any incident, the CCP will pick out these
companies, and then nit pick to contain these companies.

World Wide Free Network founder Zhang Xinyu believes
that the CCP are deliberately discrediting Apple.

Zhang Xinyu: The Chinese government accused the security
risks of Apple products and the like.
Technically, it does so.

However, the problem is that: do Chinese companies do
either of these things? What do they use?
Are these commissioned by the U.S. government?
Or whom are these products serving?
This is a problem. So China, in turn, for example, like some
Huawei products are in the interests of the CCP, because
Huawei is a company established by the CCP Army.

The company is bound to move forwards
as long as it is good for the CCP.

Mr Zhang Jian believes that this time through the CCP removing
Apple from the governmental procurement list acts as a heavy
blow to Apple and intimidates other foreign enterprises.

Zhang Jian: If Apple continues along its business model,
rather than obeying the CCP’s hard line, then it is possible
that Apple will lose ipad and mobile phone
market share in China.
Because several major Chinese mobile phone operators are
monopolies, if they do not sign with Apple, then Apple will
lose the lion’s share of the Chinese market.

If the CCP make Apple surrender then all other companies will
think about this aspect again and again, and choose to succumb
to the CCP, or give up China’s market.

By taking the multinational technology companies Google as an
example, Zhang Jian said, if a foreign enterprise insisted to
be a naysayer to the CCP, then it would be
kicked out of China.

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