【白宫】川普刘鹤在会议上的谈话 (全文翻译 三)

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AMBASSADOR LIGHTHIZER: Sure. So, we’re going to have a very elaborate consultation process. We have an escalation in various areas so that difficulties can be resolved. Both parties have allocated — or have assigned various people; have created a structure under it. And we’re down to the final details of what will happen if there’s not a resolution. And that’s, kind of, the final issue that we’re putting together.

But both sides agree it absolutely has to have it, a workable dispute settlement mechanism. And we’re very close to that.

Q Mr. President, how do you see the U.S.-China relations right now? Do you see — what kind — what areas U.S. and China can still work together?

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, I think they’re great. I think the relationship, in certain ways, may be better than it’s ever been. We’ve been through a very tough negotiation. There’s never been a negotiation like this. In all fairness, I give China tremendous credit because, for 25 or 30 years, they’ve done very well with the U.S., and now we’re doing something jointly. We’re doing it in a fair manner.

I give China credit for what they’ve done over the last 30 years. Tremendous credit. I don’t blame China; I blame the people representing our country. Now we have a deal that I think ultimately is going to be just fantastic for China and fantastic for the United States.

Q Mr. President, can you clarify: Is this an actual deal or is this progress towards a deal?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: No, it’s subject to getting everything papered. You have to do it — we’ve agreed in principle to just about everything I mentioned, all of the different points. And now we’re getting it papered, and I don’t think it should be a problem getting it papered. I think that China wants it badly, and so we want it also. And we should be able to get that done over the next four weeks. We’re going to be in Chile in five weeks, so we’ll see, in terms of signing, when it happens. We’ll do a formal signing with President Xi and myself.
川普总统:都不是。这取决于把所有谈判内容文本书面化。这个你必须要做。我们原则上已就我提到的所有内容,包括所有不同观点,达成共识。现在我们要进行纸质记录,我认为将其纸质记录应该不是问题。我认为中国非常需要它,因此我们也希望它。而且我们应该能够在接下来的四个星期内完成这项工作。我们将在五周内到达智利,从签约的角度看,届时就会 看到会发生什么了。我们将做的是-习主席和我本人将正式签约。

But this is just something that’s very exciting. And I’m very excited, actually. We cover a lot more territory than agriculture, but I’m very excited for the farmer because this is — there’s never been a deal of this magnitude for the American farmer.

Q On Huawei?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Bob, do you want to talk about the Huawei?

Q Is Huawei in the deal, Ambassador Lighthizer?

Q Or Secretary Ross?

AMBASSSADOR LIGHTHIZER: I’m sorry, the question is —

Q Huawei.

AMBASSSADOR LIGHTHIZER: In this agreement, we’re not dealing specifically with Huawei. It’s not part of this agreement. That’s a separate process.

Q Mr. President, have you or your advisors raised the business dealings of Hunter Biden with Chinese officials in the last week?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, we’re going to discuss where’s Hunter. Where is Hunter, by the way? Whatever happened to him? We’re going to discuss where’s Hunter when I get out because I’ll stop at the helicopter. But, right now, in respect to China and to the Vice Premier, we’re going to only ask questions about today.


Q Mr. President, on that point, can you assure that American people that you did not bring up Joe Biden in these negotiations; that you have not brought up that with the Chinese?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I have not brought up Joe Biden. China can do whatever they want with respect to the Bidens. China can do whatever they want with respect to $1.5 billion going to somebody. That’s up to China. But we do have to look into corruption. But, no, it has not been brought up.

Q Mr. President, how do you assure the American people that this deal, over the next three, four, five weeks, won’t fall apart as it’s being papered? And then, secondly, that phase two can —
问:总统先生,您如何向美国人保证,在接下来的三,四,五周内,这项交易不会在形成书面文件中破裂?然后,第二阶段可以 –

THE PRESIDENT: Well, anything can happen. That can happen. I don’t think it will. I think we know each other very well. We’ve been negotiating this for a long time. There’s a possibility, of course, that maybe there’s something that they’re unable to get papered. But I’ve been doing this for a long time. And the Vice Premier has been doing it for a long time, in many other deals for many, many years — both of us.

And his people are very profess- — great professionals, and so am I. And I think the likelihood of it falling apart is not so good.

What do you think, Steve? What would you say?

SECRETARY MNUCHIN: I think we have a fundamental understanding on the key issues. We’ve gone through a significant amount of paper, but there is more work to do. And we will not sign an agreement unless we get and can tell the President that this is on paper. And I know the Vice Premier needs to go back and do some work with his team, but we’ve — we’ve made a lot of progress over the last two days.

THE PRESIDENT: And most of this is also known by the people in China, by President Xi. He’s been following it very closely, and (inaudible).

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