【新唐人2013年07月31日讯】7月27号,美国“探索研究院”的高级研究员卫斯理•史密斯(Wesley J.Smith),在《国家评论线上》(National Review online)发表了题为《谋杀法轮功(修炼者)作“艺术”?》的文章。史密斯在文章开头就表明立场,他说,他所写的是,中共为了获取法轮功学员的器官而杀害他们这一个事实。是什么原因促使史密斯写这篇文章呢?就让我们一起来了解。





史密斯说,他从来没有把尸体展与法轮功学员联系起来,然而当他看到伊桑•葛特曼(Ethan Gutmann)发表在《旗帜周刊》(The Weekly Standard)上的《展出中的遗体》(《Bodies at an Exhibition》)文章后,确实非常不安。史密斯说,尸体展的背后,可能存在大规模屠杀。







采访/田净 编辑/黄亿美 后制/王明宇

Wesley Smith: Murdered Falun Gong as “Art"?

On July 27, Wesley J Smith, US Senior Fellow at the Discovery
Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism, published an article
in National Review Online: “Murdered Falun Gong as Art?".

Smith said: “I have written of the very real prospect that the
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has murdered Falun Gong for their organs."
What’s the reason that Smith wrote the article?
Let’s take a look.

Recently, the CCP media announced news of Bo Xilai’s trial.

However, the truth of Gu Kailai and Bo Xilai’s cases
has still been covered up.
On July 20 1999 Jiang Zemin launched the
persecution of Falun Gong,
vowing to “Defame their reputations, bankrupt them
financially, and destroy them physically.”
News was first heard in Dalian prison about organ theft from
living Falun Gong practitioners and selling their corpses.
Furthermore, the largest human body factory
was registered and located in Dalian.

On July 27, Wesley J Smith wrote an article mentioning that

some bodies from von Hagen’s “Bodies at an Exhibition"
may be murdered Falun Gong practitioners and perhaps
their organs were harvested before plastination.

Over the years, Falun Gong practitioners have clarified
the truth about the CCP harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practioners.
Many people could hardly accept it, as it is difficult to link
these appalling and widespread organized crimes together.

Wen Zhao, current affairs commentator: “Over time, many
righteous people and communities continued to investigate
constantly to obtain new information, then outline it.
They will know what the outcome is,
then more people will know the truth."

Smith said he never really put the “Bodies at an Exhibition"
with Falun Gong together,
Now, he is very disturbed according to an article by author
Ethan Gutmann published in the Weekly Standard.
Smith said,behind Bodies at an Exhibition, there is little doubt
that the Falun Gong were mass murdered.

In 2006, after exposure of the CCP stealing Falun Gong
practitioner’s organs and trafficking for profit,
several countries are starting to push legislation through
to prevent their citizens from going to China for illegal organ transplants.

Israel was the first country in 2008 to do so,
followed by many countries.
In Taiwan, Malaysia, Canada, Belgium and other places
members of parliament have proposed a new organ transplant bill.
This is for the overall control of their citizens traveling
to China for organ transplants.

Wen Zhao: “Why is it so strict on legislation for this issue?

To prevent their citizens go to China for organ transplants
and harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners.
This is the major reason to facilitate their legislation."

The US congressmen from both parties have recently
jointly proposed No.281 resolutions.
This demands the CCP immediate ends forcible organ
harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners and political prisoners.
It suggests the US government openly condemns
the CCP abuse of the organ transplants.
Those involved in organ harvesting are prohibited
entry to the US.

Zhu Keming, the first Falun Gong practitioner to sue Jiang
Zemin said:"You shouldn’t support evil, as a human,
you should know the organs sources are unclear, but you
still go, its equivalent to you being involved in the crime.
This ought to draw peoples’ attention, they should
condemn the CCP’s evil behaviors.”

Smith said in his article that “there is little doubt
that the Falun Gong were harvested.
Anyone who attends the exhibits could not
only be engaging in voyeurism,
but also unwittingly paying to view the evidence
of terrible atrocities as ‘art’ “.