新唐人北京時間2021年07月01日訊】The Epoch Times and NTD Television Are Hiring – We need you!

The Epoch Times and NTD are now growing unimaginably fast in mainstream society! Our media is constantly innovating and developing new avenues in which to spread our content and engage more people around the world. We are looking for experienced or enthusiastic emerging talents. Please give this serious consideration and encourage others you know to apply as well.

In the first half of 2021, we launched Epoch TV, a streaming video platform providing a variety of content ranging from investigative news analysis, and in-depth interviews to award-winning documentaries. We also published several English Epoch Times branding magazines with lifestyle focused uplifting content. In the meantime, English NTD has been producing 36 hours of original programming per week and broadcasting 24/7 in major cities in the US and UK. Viewers can watch our programs through a growing number of TV providers and platforms around the world.

In the second half of the year, we will provide a wider variety of content, services and an even greater user experience to engage more people around the world.

Training is provided (usually in New York) for all news production related positions.
Candidates can apply by filling out this form: https://tinyurl.com/applynowmedia
To request job descriptions or any other questions, please contact hr@ntdtv.com

*We will send out more job openings in the coming weeks!

*Click position title for detailed job description!

—General Affairs and Security—

1. Receptionist

The Front Desk Representative will be working in our new office place, and managing our front desk on a daily basis and to perform a variety of administrative and clerical tasks.

— TV/Digital Productions—

1. News Anchor

The news anchor introduces stories, interacts with reporters, and interviews experts on-camera.

2. News Producer

TV news producer works with a team to decide which stories to cover and when. During the newscast, a producer leads the production department crew in the control room to make sure the newscast is executed cleanly on the air.

3. News Video Editor

We are looking for an innovative and experienced video editor to join our post-production team. You will be responsible for assembling recorded/wire footage into a finished project that matches our daily news show. You will work directly with content teams, as well as with the marketing and creative departments

4. News Script Editor

NTD News is looking for full-time and part-time script editors for our news programs. Media/editorial experience strongly preferred but not required. A strong applicant must have an excellent command of the English language, including grammar, spelling, and punctuation; and an eye for details.

5. General Assignment Reporter (New York)

NTD News is looking for full-time, general assignment reporters to work in our New York City office. Media/editorial experience strongly preferred but not required (we will provide training). We are looking for self-motivated individuals who thrive in a fast-paced environment, are willing to learn, and work well with others.

6. News Reporter (Global)

NTD and Epoch Times are rapidly expanding and will be covering nearly 100 million households in the United States in 2021. Local bureaus are being established in major cities around the world. Reporters are needed to provide local, national, and international news covering social, political, and entertainment events in major cities.

7. Photographer/Videographer (Global)

NTD and Epoch Times are rapidly expanding and will be covering nearly 100 million households in the United States in 2021. Local bureaus are being established in major cities around the world. Video-Photographers are needed to provide local, national, and international news covering social, political, and entertainment events in major cities.

8. Producer of The Nation Speaks

The producer will monitor news and current affairs issues for topic ideas, assist host/executive producer to research show topics, conduct pre-interviews with guests and produce interviews.

9. Assistant Producer of Life&Times

The Assistant Producer provides communication, coordination, and production support to the program team and external interviewees and influencers. The Assistant Producer is a people person, willing and able to represent NTD and LIFE & TIMES publicly, professionally and in a personable manner.

10. Junior Video Editor for Taste Life

The Junior Editor is responsible for helping the team to streamline processes and efficiencies in editing. This position requires taking ownership of editing projects and being willing to learn quickly and support the team in all areas of post-production. There are plenty of opportunities for mentorship from the Senior Editor.

11. Assistant Producer of Taste Life

We are looking for a dynamic, hardworking and creative Associate Producer to join the team. You will be responsible for in-depth research, selecting/building elements, writing scripts, pitching stories and producing packages.

12. Junior Video Editor for TV/Digital Programs

The junior video editor will be responsible for taking stock footage and the raw footage captured in the studio/field and creating multiple pieces of video content that will live on YouTube, social media channels and other digital platforms.

13. Senior Video Editor for TV/Digital Programs

As a Senior Video Editor, you will be responsible for creating different forms of video assets ranging from social media posts to complete programs, as well as helping generate new content and pitching video ideas. The ideal candidate is a dynamic storyteller and content creator with a thorough understanding of video editing.

14. Designer

The main responsibilities include creating print advertisements and TV commercials, program branding packages and event promotional packages from start to finish.


2021上半年度,我們推出了線上影音串流平台 Epoch TV,內容涵蓋了時事深入分析報導、訪談節目及調查紀錄片,並出版多本英文大紀元品牌雜誌。英文新唐人則達到每週36小時的原創內容,7天24小時播出覆蓋美國及英國各大城市,且有多種收看途徑。



有興趣加入我們的人士,請填寫以下表單:https://tinyurl.com/applynowmedia 任何問題歡迎聯繫 hr@ntdtv.com




1. 接待人員


— 電視及網路內容製作—

1. 新聞視頻剪輯人員 (英文)


2. 攝影/攝像師 (英文)


3. Life&Times 製作助理 (英文)

製作助理將協助節目組和受訪者及意見領袖進行溝通協調和內容製作的工作。製作助理是一個善於和別人打交道,並願意且能夠專業的代表NTD和LIFE & TIMES。

4. Taste Life 初級剪輯人員 (英文)


5. Taste Life 製作助理 (英文)

我們正在尋找一位有活力、勤奮和富有創造力的製作助理加入團隊。製作助理將負責深入研究、選擇/構建元素、撰寫腳本、推薦故事和Taste Life節目製作包裝。

6. 節目初級剪輯人員 (中/英文)


7. 節目資深剪輯師 (中/英文)


8. 新聞記者 (中文)


9. 新聞撰稿/編譯人員 (中文)


10. 新聞視頻剪輯人員 (中文)


11. 設計師 (中/英文)