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【新唐人2014年09月10日讯】江泽民死讯盛传 中共罕见回应






高智晟出狱一月 未获真正自由






占中三子剃髪 香港政改退无可退





Chinese Communist Party No Response to Rumors of Jiang Zemin's Death

The death of former CCP leader, Jiang Zemin, is bandied about
through mainland internet and overseas Chinese media.
Recently, death related information showed up on
mainland microblogs almost every day using toad as
Jiang Zemin's nickname.

The latest rumor says Jiang Zemin has died of bladder cancer.

It's said the information was released by CCP 301 military
Many people want confirmation online.

Netizen, ID "Snow Tiger", said "Who knows whether that toad died?
I really want to set off fireworks."

These rumors also attracted the attention of foreign
correspondents in China.
According to the BBC Chinese network report, Chinese Foreign
Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said "it was the first time
I heard and couldn't confirm" at the regular press conference on Sept 9.

The report stressed that this is the first time the Chinese
authorities respond to rumors about Jiang Zemin's death
without refutation.

However, questions and answers about Jiang Zemin's death
did not appear on the Q & A website of the regular press
conference published by the CCP Foreign Ministry.

Gao Zhisheng Not Truly Free After One Month Release

Chinese human rights lawyer, Gao Zhisheng, has been free
from prison for more than a month.
However, his personal freedom and communication are under
strict control.

Sept 9, Gao Zhisheng's wife Geng He, exiled in US,
held a press conference in Washington on safeguarding
his basic human rights.

She urged the international community to help her husband to
join his family in the United States.

Aug 7, Gao Zhisheng was released from Shaya prison in
Xinjiang and lives at his father in law's home in Urumqi.
He did not get real freedom.

Aug 31, Geng He disclosed on twitter that groups of police
went to his father in law's home twice a day and stayed two
to three hours each time.

They repeatedly asked what Gao was doing and reading.

In order not to bother these policemen and not to let his family
suffer from harassment, Gao Zhisheng said he wouldn't return
to the jail.

Gao Zhisheng issued three public open letters to CCP senior
leaders around 2005 to appeal for an end to the persecution
of Falun Gong.

Because of it, he was prosecuted long term by the CCP and
detained in jail for 3 years in Xinjiang on charges of inciting
subversion of state power.

3 people of Occupy Central Campaign Get Tonsured
Hong Kong Political Reform Has No Room to Retreat

Sept 9, the sponsors of Hong Kong Occupy Central
campaign, Daiyao Ting, Chan Kin Man, and Chu Yiu-ming,
got a tonsure ceremony to protest against the CCP
People's Congress Standing Committee's final resolution
on Hong Kong's Chief Executive election.

According to Hong Kong media reports, there are 36 Occupy
Central supporters who frequently participate in this ceremony
including two ladies.

Daiyao Ting explained that shaving the head bald means
nothing can be shaved.
It's shows they have no room for retreat on Hong Kong political
reform and the decision on the fight for democracy.

Edit/Zhou Yulin



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